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Qui Tam / Whistleblower Actions


Qui Tam / Whistleblower Actions

Today, a complex statutory and regulatory scheme governs efforts by whistleblowers to bring fraud to light, and both protects whistleblowers while narrowly limiting the mechanisms by which they can recoup and recover damages.

Our firm includes former federal prosecutors and civil defense lawyers who are familiar with how these cases are viewed by the government.

We have experience representing whistleblowers and defendant companies and institutions in cases involving health care providers, the defense industry, telecommunications corporations, for-profit schools, and other areas.

Our attorneys were original counsel in the first incentive compensation case against a for-profit educational institution in which the United States Department of Justice has chosen to intervene, United States ex rel. Washington v. EDMC, Civil Action No. 2:07-cv-00461 (W.D.Pa.).

The Department of Justice had declined to intervene in 25 prior cases filed around the country.

The government’s complaint, filed on August 8, 2011, alleged damages of at least $11 billion. The States of California, Indiana, Illinois, and Florida also intervened and joined the case under their respective state False Claim Acts.

The case resulted in a $95,000,000 settlement and recovery for the Government and the Relators.


On the defense side, we have represented educational institutions, healthcare providers, importers, construction companies, and defense contractors.

Due to our expertise in litigation and regulatory enforcement, we are one of the few firms to attain success on both the plaintiffs’ and defense side of whistleblower cases.